About Us

President’s message

Our goal is the development and evolution of the Agricultural Olive Cooperative of Kalyves, the maintenance of the cooperative spirit, the excellent quality of extra virgin olive oil of early harvest and the support of the families, that are our driving force.


The Agricultural Olive Cooperative of Kalyves was one of the first cooperatives that were organized and operated in Greece. Already since 1902 there are reports of actions of a group of farmers who led by the phrase “Power in union” saw the benefits of cooperating.

Of course, it is worth noting that there are several sources of information about the early stages of development of this cooperative. However, we know in a general context that after its release “Statute of the Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives of Greece “by the leader of the cooperatives, Socrates Iosemidis, in 1919 and before the 40’s the cooperative farmers of Kalyves were engaged in the creation of reins used to plow the fields using horses.

Then, the cooperative began to deal more with the cultivation of olives.

Over the years, more cooperatives were created in the area. Thus, the Agricultural Olive Cooperative of Kalyvesconsists of more than 20 families, who believe in “cooperating” and work as a team for the collective interest.

It is necessary to note that the members of the cooperative with the support of the council which has been operating and evolving in recent years, in addition to the production of edible table olives have taken steps to produce extra virgin olive oil, which is subject to appropriate controls to ensure perfection of the product.

The extra virgin olive oil of the cooperativeMetusia is a very promising product produced from early harvest green olives. The olives are harvested in September-October, which offers a product low in acidity and rich in polyphenols. Metusia olive oil is distinguished for its delicate aroma and discreet taste.